Going viral with AI on Instagram

A collection of popculture icons as babies
Ash (Pokemon), Wednesday (Addams Family) Deadpool, Ray (Ghostbusters), Juicewrld, Ariel (Little Mermaid)

Recently my business partner Topher Welsh and I were able to take his Instagram account from 1k to 125k in only 8 weeks flat. When I tell my friends who are in the influencers what we did they almost can’t believe it. Some of them have almost 100k in followers after 4 years of continued growth. What we did was part luck and part skill with 20 years of experience each behind it. We knew there were some simple methods that could be used to get our content to take off. Marvel babies were born…. Expanding into other pop culture icons.

The Content…

AI is a bad word for artists these days but with it, we were able to post 1–2 times a day. Each post had between 4–8 images all related together. We knew that if we used AI, we would be able to make base images and then Photoshop them to look like the images we wanted. (We are both professional designers.) This method is just like how other artists might use stock images and then edit them into a new piece. There is a misconception that it’s a collage tool that cuts out pieces of other art to make new ones which is incorrect. AI analyzes images and then creates new images based on machine learning algorithms.

[While we use Midjouorney, we do believe that artists should be able to opt out of their trained data set and these generative AIs should be retrained with ethical means. We also believe that retraining should also include non-bias models for a better representation in their outputs. We hope to see this change in the future.]

This is how we did it…

Knowing the Basics:

It’s going to be hard to grow on IG without knowing the basics. There are things you will have to research like which hashtags to use for your content, how to make reels, and what the best starter image for a carousel. These are conditional on your content. Some people may have a great engagement with normal photos and some might find more success with just reels or stories. You will need to research what works for others so you can copy their formula. Our niche was “baby versions of famous pop culture icons”.

4 Quadrant - Method:

I like to use a system called the “4 Quadrant Method” invented by the studio Cineasaurus. It basically pulls from 4 specific areas that allow for content to find maximum reach.

It’s not a problem if its a feature - Method:

One of the downsides of using Midjourney as a base is that it has a hard time doing hands and feet. We used this to our advantage. Instead of fixing the issues in photoshop, we made sure to leave them in resulting in people feeling the need to call out the imperfections. This led to more engagement, with the posts spreading their reach. I’ve seen people purposely leave mistakes in their reels as a way of enticing people to leave comments correcting them.

These extra fingers and toes helped get the content overall seen.

Credit and community!

There was an influx of accounts making things out of our content. They were seen in everything from printed on walls, used in marketing content, reuploaded to wallpaper websites, and even was seen tattooed on people. We asked people to tag and credit the account if they were going to re-upload the content. We had to contact Instagram several times over stolen work and accounts passing them off as their own.

Goku Drawing (sam222639), Snoop Dogg Drawing (ronyartboy), Machine Gun Kelly Edit (ovocassillion), Hulk Gym Wall Printing (gymloverhappy), Ironman Edit (ifeelkiddo), Marvel babies Edit (Beforv)

The Metrics… How did we do?

8-week growth Growth: Around 12,400% increase

Accounts reached: 16.9 Million

Accounts engaged: 980k

Engagement: 4.1% Rate

Note: Engagement for Instagram is typically very low across all metrics.

Less than 1% is low engagement

Between 1% and 3.5% is average/good

Between 3.5% and 6% is high (This is where our account ranks)

More than 6% is incredibly high

See the account for yourself on Instagram



Social Media Futurist. Public Speaker. New Media Artist. Co-founder of Studio Capon. http://www.studiocapon.com #VR #AR #Tech #Youtube #Design

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Eugene Capon

Social Media Futurist. Public Speaker. New Media Artist. Co-founder of Studio Capon. http://www.studiocapon.com #VR #AR #Tech #Youtube #Design