Pointless VR Stock Photos… Returns!

Eugene Capon
Nov 14, 2020


About two years ago I was looking for stock photos for a project featuring people using HMDs (head-mounted displays aka VR headsets) and was stunned to see how bad the photos were. Now I love a good joke. So I grabbed a friend, went to my office, and had a pointless VR stock photography shoot then uploaded them to the stock photos sharing site Pexels. All photos were meant to be almost unusable… until they were used. When looking at the metrics they set has over 5 million views on Pexels alone, over 22,000 downloads, and been used in over 25,000 articles, magazines, ads, and videos. Those are just what we could find ourselves but other free stock sites took the photos and reuploaded them to their sites. Every couple of weeks I get an email or DM, with a screenshot of them being found in the wild from peers. After so much undeserved success I thought it would be a good idea to recruit my friend Luis Fade who is a professional photographer and make a second set for public consumption. The headset is an Oculus Quest 2.

Man in VR hiding behind a tree scared.
Man in VR is terrified and is hiding behind a tree for protection.
Man in VR tells virtual beings to “suck it”
A seagull joins the adventures of a man in VR
A deer joins the adventures of a man in VR
Man in VR going down a slide while ina fighting stance.
A 40-pound arm curl is a lot for someone in VR.
Man in VR tries running on a treadmill.
It didn't go so well.
Man in VR using a wide grip machine for proper back training.
Not homeless, just tired.
It's been a great day for Man in VR.

All photos are available free on Pexels. Enjoy!

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